Friday, 30 November 2012

Buying a New Residential Property in Noida?

As the growth of real estate in Noida has lead rise to a tremendous number of internet users having small unanswered questions on buying new residential property, we would like to help them in a better way in this article.

Buying a new residential property arises a lot of issues, small and big like, how good will be the final results of the project? Will I get all the amenities promised in the leaflets and brochure?

Before buying a new residential property, the buyers need to spend a lot of time in research. The research should be conducted in a proper manner, or the results will be hateful. Most of the buyers make small mistakes when they buy a new residential property. 

We provide you with some simple tips which could be followed for a better decision. You can insist on getting custom features in your new residence like persuading the builder to change few things which you don’t like. Most builders are flexible and provide an amazing variety of choices in appliances, flooring and paint.
As builders work closely with the banks, they can always help you get better financing options. Try comparing the options, and choose the one who offers better terms.

Always negotiate a better price on a new residential property. Prices have not been low in many years, and the competitive price pressure on the builder is much higher, it is much easier to negotiate. So don’t forget to…!

Do read the warranty before you get a new residential property. Check if the warranty is been outsourced to a third party or is it with the dealer.

Builders always state that they would give you more amenities in the coming future, but they never come. So get in writing from the builder before buying a new residence. 

Hope the above tips would play an important part as you buy your new residential property

Good luck! 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Most Trusted & Reviewed Flats in Noida

A home is a must have for every human, as shelter is the basic need. Financial condition is one of the most important thing which counts and leads to a difficulty in finding a new house. What we think is that whatever financial status you have, there should be a home that you can own. We will make it easier for you by giving you some directions, if you are looking for a flat in Noida or a luxury residential apartment in Noida

What usually happens is the real estate men show you homes which are purposely decorated in a great manner with good furnishing, colours etc. and they increase the price of it. Therefore, you are left unaware of the real cost! When you come to know, it is already too late for you.

There are lots of builders, brokers and middle men who will misguide you by giving false promises.Noida is well planned and affordable in comparison to most of Delhi. It is less polluted too and much greener. WaveCity Center is the most trusted & has thousands of good reviews, & worth visiting once if you are looking for a good flat in Noida. One-third of Wave City Center is green making it the most peaceful and less polluted place for a flat in Noida or a luxury residential apartment in Noida. 6.5 acre is dedicated to a beautifully designed landscape park. They also have a range of luxury residential apartments designed by the most sought after names in the design and fashion fraternity. Wave City Center is also within good reach.

You can check out the website- and it would be best if you pay the project a visit at Sector 18 Noida, near metro station. 

The best deals for Shops and Offices in Noida

Many companies have their Indian branch offices in Noida, because of many factors, including its Special Economic Zone status, its suburban atmosphere and its proximity to Delhi. Noida also hosts the head office of the Software Technology Park, which was established by the Government of India to promote the software industry.Noida is a major hub for multinational firms outsourcing IT services.

This makes Noida a major lookout for shops and offices. People looking for shops in Noida, or Offices in Noida are going through difficult times, because they have to consider a lot of factors and do not want to be cheated. There are lot of players in the market giving away cheap and bad deals. There are lot of bad reviews about a majority of places. You should be more careful while investing in one.

As per our knowledge and sources, we found out that one of the best deals for shops in Noida & offices in Noida is provided by Wave City Center, which is a must place to inquire about. They have an impressive collection of premium office spaces, attractive shop area, built-up-high-street shop condominiums and retail spaces in one of the biggest malls in India. They are also coming up with three towers of over 50 storeys with parking for over 43,000 cars and a fully-integrated BRT transport system. There will be approx. 90 lac sq. ft. of premium office spaces with centralized air-conditioning.